We are going to be conducting an investigation into the value of the many things that we casually throw away these days without even a second thought. Right from the start of the project we have never considered waste products as being worthless or useless. Instead, we viewed them as objects which were not properley understood and which needed to be further examined as we felt that they could still have much more potential for further use.

For me and my project partner we consider waste simply to be: misunderstood materials, which are often simply inapppopriately thrown away and left to rot. We therefore decided to start working on correcting this issue. The unconventional thing about the approach we adopted was to use existing resources for starting the design process.

We visited local companies, had conversations with ecologists and waste management experts in order to get as detailed an insight as possible into their respective waste management procedures. In doing this we found our theory to be correct (ie. that companies do indeed throw away valuable materials for the simple reason that they have no further use for them).


From the waste that we were able to collect we have been able to develop a collection consisting of eight different items of good quality and extremely innovative furniture. These clearly demonstrate just how easy it is to produce high quality furniture from products that many companies would simply have considered to be rubbish and have thrown away.


In collaboration with: Philip Fürstenhöfer



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