The light "inside out" is a tribute to 3D printing.

Its sidewalls consist of mathematically generated support material that is usually invisible because it is hidden inside a component and functions to guarantee stability with low material consumption.


studio kollektiv plus zweis idea of visualizing the support material not only follows aesthetic but also practical motivation, since it serves as a diffuser of light while it stages the support structure .


Printed with biodegradable PLA, Inside outs components are made of little material that can be produced in short printing times.


From the module to the complex object, the luminaire finds its inspiration in architecture (modularity in skyscrapers) and constructive open buildings.


INSIDE OUT designed by Kollektiv Plus Zwei

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biodegradable pla, brass, beech, various stones


Sizes and Prices: 

size inside out uno: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, 299€ (incl. shipping in EU)

size inside out duo: 10 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm, 424€ (incl. shipping in EU)

size inside out stone: 15 cm x 15 cm x 25 cm, 454€ (incl. shipping in EU)


inside out uno


inside out uno - detail

inside out duo


inside out duo - detail




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